Coquo @ New York’s Witness Apartment

The first North American coquo kitchen project unveiled!

Coquo has united with New York’s Witness Apartment to offer a space that is unique, multifunctional and versatile.

 "We wanted to do something different to showcase coquo and the idea of a space that is transformed and renewed over time inspired us...evolution and personalization are an integral part of our concept so Witness Apt seemed to be the perfect place to unveil the first North American coquo kitchen!" says Brigitte Boulanger, co-founder of the brand.

"We are fortunate to be able to share this space with Ani, the founder of Witness Apt, who’s keen sense of connection between the art of living, design and travel allows for unique creative collaborations. It is also a dream come true for us to set-up shop in New York City. We love the energy, the vibrancy and the multifaceted personality of the city." concludes Brigitte.

The kitchen in this particular space is the heart of cooking demonstrations, pop-ups and designer collaborations. The need for a versatile and durable kitchen was the main objective of this kitchen remodel. As the space’s function fluctuates according to the events that it hosts, the kitchen adapts. Unconventional in its design, the freestanding modules allow for flexibility and reinvention within the space.

About Witness Apartment

Witness Apt is a fully functional apartment, a unique 2000 sq ft loft in the heart of Manhattan, that serves as a canvas for  exploration, innovation, and brand engagements. Design meets activation to make this space a dynamic tool and creative incubator for partners & influencers. A raw and eclectic space, it is the perfect collaborative environment.