A new edition for our Radix collection

There is something new at coquo; a brand new edition of our Radix collection: the all wood edition.

Everything started with a special project over at Cuisines Steam (you know, the company that came up with coquo!). We met with clients that were the perfect fit for a freestanding modular kitchen with one exception: they are not fond of the metal shelves. Our solution: we rework the design of our Radix base cabinets and give them wood shelves. And boy are we pleased with the results and also the feedback from magazines and other publications after sharing pictures on our different social platforms is very positive.

We’ve been thinking about adding new products to our offer for a little while now. That’s why we decided that adding the all wood edition to our product offer is the next logical step for us.

Each piece module in our Radix collection that was suitable for this modification has been redesigned. Only the modules with small backs were considered:

  1. Radix cabinet, one drawer and 2 shelves
  2. Radix cabinet (corner), a false front and 2 shelves
  3. Radix sink cabinet, ½ shelf, full shelf and a small back (plumbing from the wall)
  4. Radix sink cabinet, 2 half-shelves and a small back (plumbing from the floor or the wall)

These new cabinets are offered in the same dimensions as the original collection and still have the same small metal back and little feet. Essentially, the difference lies in the material used for the shelves. Just like our cabinets, the new shelves are made of solid oak and are available in our two different finishes: natural white oak or black stained oak. We also made sure that the all wood edition complements the three original collections to offer you even more combinations.

Now it’s your turn to play! Kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, living room or hallways: push the limits of your imagination and furnish your space with coquo modules! The first step is right here.

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