Must knows from ICFF 2018

To identify the latest trends in furniture design, the coquo team presents its favorite companies from ICFF 2018!

The favorites of the coquo team

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"Toronto-based company Coolican & Company has partnered with Paris-based designer Calla Haynes to develop a collection of colorful accent benches made from recycled fabric. "


"We loved the Cestia Bateria lamp by Miguel Mila for the Spanish company named Santa &Cole. It is a rechargeable and transportable model inspired by classic lanterns."


"Designed by Rosanna Contadini, the neoprene and woven hemp baskets of the Italian company NEO are rustic in their shape, but also contemporary by the materials used. "


"This company from Nottinghamshire County in England offers concrete sinks in a wide range of beautiful colors. Whether it's a basin or a wall-mounted sink, Kast has fun with shapes, hues and patterns."


"This New York-based company offers a full range of simple and versatile office furniture and supplies, all in an attractive color palette."

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