The Magic Behind the INITIUM Starter Kit

It is time to renovate your entire kitchen (or any room of your house) and you want to put a little elbow grease in it; start with a special tool entirely made for you!

At coquo, we thought of everything!

Our INITIUM starter kit is there to guide you through your renovation process.

Once your kit is on its way, keep an eye out for a special email from us. You should receive an email inviting you to answer a small quiz to determine your coquo personality, following the shipment of your kit. It is important you take a few minutes to answer it as your results will help us better understand your profile and what you are looking for.

In addition to inspirational images and sample of the different coquo materials, the INITIUM starter kit also contains everything to guide you through the measuring of your space. Indeed, you will find a document presenting the different step to follow for the measurement using written instructions and visual examples.

Our help does not stop there! Once you’ve answered our short quiz, completed your measurement and emailed it all to us, one of our modular kitchen specialists will create an interactive 3D plan designed specifically for your space and to your taste.

Once your dream kitchen takes shape, we make sure to prepare the list of modules you need to purchase online. You simply have to place your order and voila!

Convinced? Get your INITIUM Starter Kit now.